Since I decided to start the ‘Thusanang – We Help Each Other’ initiative, my mom and I have experienced much generosity and support from many different people – family, friends, St Mary’s students, fellow Southern Cross runners, corporate sponsors. We truly appreciate your kind words and donations.

vryburg, south africa, margaret mokuke, soup kitchen

At Margaret Mokuke Soup Kitchen

thusanang disabled centre, vryburg, community, donation, sponsor

Thusanang Disabled Centre







As a result of this initiative, we have been able to help the community in and around Vryburg in a meaningful way. On the 30th of September we visited the Margaret Mokuke Soup kitchen – currently operating from a plot in Huhudi,

they cook over wood fires and produce meals three times a week – and the Thusanag Disabled Centre, and were able to give each of them a R6 000 donation. The Soup Kitchen has been given a plot of land by the municipality and the donation will go towards making their dreams of a soup kitchen, primary school and vegetable garden a reality. The Disabled Centre has endured an especially hard winter, as the ceiling of the main classroom and physiotherapy room has fallen through, forcing them to work outside on many occasions. The donation will go towards the costly ceiling reparations.

Once again, a special thank you to all who donated to this initiative, and made this possible. I find the words of Kahil Gibran present a beautiful way of looking at the process of giving, and fundraising:


“For in truth it is life that gives unto life while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness.”

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